Can you eat peppers on the candida diet?

Can you eat peppers on the candida diet?


Sinfully Delicious Ways to Serve Bell Peppers on a Candida Diet

It seems as though no matter where we turn, we are eating something which is supposed to be healthy yet doing our bodies more harm than good. Even foods listed as ‘healthy’ by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are slowly killing us and the sad fact is, some of these foods do have essential vitamins and minerals. Take, for example, green bell peppers.

While they are loaded with vitamins and extremely high in vitamin C, they are also harsh on the body because they are not ripe! Red and yellow bell peppers are ripe and loaded with nutrients and absolutely perfect for a candida diet. There are so many sinfully delicious ways to cook them that you’d swear you were eating a new food every time you bit into them. Why not try one of these out for dinner tonight?

Slightly Smoked Oven-Roasted Red Bell Peppers

Anyone who has ever loved smoked foods knows just how wonderful anything is that has been smoked. While pork is not a good choice, ever, to smoke, some foods can have just a hint of smoke flavoring to them and bell peppers are one of those foods. Simply wash and clean them as you would for any dish you are preparing and then cut them in half.

According to Masterbuilt electric smoker tips, you should set the temperature for one of the lowest settings so that they don’t burn. Within just a couple hours, you’ll be able to add these slightly smoky bell peppers to salads, serve them as a side dish warm, or simply add them to other dishes you are making such as soups and stews.

Chilled Roasted Red and Yellow Bell Peppers with Tzatziki Sauce

Another interesting way to serve roasted red or yellow bell peppers is to slightly roast and smoke them at a low temperature so that they don’t overcook. You want that hint of smoke, but you don’t want them to cook to the point where nutrients are destroyed. Next, whip up some tzatziki sauce, which has a plain yogurt base, cucumbers, and fresh dill. You can eat them in a salad with healthy tzatziki sauce or simply dip them as an appetizer. It’s amazing just how healthy some sauces can be if they use plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise or oils.

You will find few foods higher in antioxidants than bell peppers, but the key is to remember that green bell peppers are not ripe. Therefore, they can trigger an episode of candidiasis while you are totally unaware of what is going on in your intestines. Since yogurt is loaded with live cultures that help to keep harmful yeast in check in the digestive system, perhaps adding yogurt might minimize the effects if you must eat green peppers, but red and yellow are always in season and can be found at your local supermarket. You may pay a few cents per pound, but the health benefits are well worth the cost and if the truth be told, they really are sinfully delicious.

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