Yeast Free Recipe: Broccoli Soup

Broccoli soup is one of those classic recipes that still can be enjoyed even when on a Candida eliminating diet. With just a few modifications a healthy, candida diet friendly broccoli soup can be made.


  • 2 tbsp. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1 head Broccoli, chopped
  • 4 cups Chicken Stock, homemade or without added yeast and preservatives
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • 1/3 cup white bean flour (see note), optional


Place a large saucepan over low heat. Add the oil. Add the broccoli and sauté until tender, about 7 minutes. Add the chicken stock and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

Use a hand blender and carefully puree the soup to the consistency that you like. If you use a regular blender, be very careful as hot liquids added to a blender can explode. This is why I prefer the hand blender.

Add the salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately. You can garnish with a sprinkling of fresh chives, parsley or chopped broccoli.

**For a Creamy Broccoli Soup, simply take a 1/3 cup of dry white beans (lima, northern…) and pulse in a blender until it looks like flour. Add this flour into a small amount of the soup until it is well mixed. Then stir the bean mixture into the pot of soup. Yummy!

This recipe was provided by Lori Winders the author of Yeast Free Cooking: Over 120 Candida Eliminating Recipes.

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One comment on “Yeast Free Recipe: Broccoli Soup
  1. c says:

    Made this the OTHER night and WOWOW again. SO good. So wholesome tasting. The mouthfeel was so amazing I couldn’t wait for the next spoonful and the next and the next. We purreed it quite a bit, only leaving tiny pieces.