Candida Diet Recipes: Gluten Free and Low Glycemic Recipes

So you’ve been on a strict Candida eliminating diet for a couple of months and it’s now time to resume a more “normal” way of eating.

However, it can be scary because what if you become to liberal with your diet and the Candida starts growing out of control again? I think good Candida diet recipes are the answer. If you can have an arsenal of great tasting candida diet recipes at your disposal then lifelong success is within your grasp.

I was excited when I found this great Candida diet recipes collection from an award winning gourmet chef, Debbie Johnson who owned The Golden Chalice Restaurant and Gallery, a 100% organic, gluten-free, sugar-free and low-glycemic establishment. Not only is she the author of the best selling book “Think Yourself Thin”, but she also has just released her great collection of gluten free, sugar free and low glycemic  Candida diet recipes in a book entitled Fun with Gluten free and Low Glycemic Food.

Now these Candida diet recipes haven’t taken into consideration everything involved with the strict part of a Candida diet, but they would be great for use in the maintenance phase of the diet. The  Candida diet recipes are developed with common food allergies in mind and since they are gluten free and low glycemic they won’t feed those hungry Candida albicans cells.

Fun With Gluten Free and Low Glycemic Food Basics

At the beginning of the Candida diet recipes cookbook Debbie Johnson takes some time to tell about herself and the history of her Golden Chalice restaurant. She explains how she has carefully developed the candida diet recipes so that they would ensure optimal health. She states,

“The ingredients in every single recipe have been carefully chosen for your optimal health. They are not only good for you in the nutritional sense, according to experts, they are also healing foods. You will find these foods in nearly every book on healing, including books on alkalizing your body for optimum health.”

She gives the reader preparation tips and includes a whole section of great starter Candida diet recipes. She then includes soups, salads, side dishes, mains, and even desserts. She says that her number one compliment at her restaurant was that her guests couldn’t tell they were eating gluten free and sugar free food.

The Candida diet recipes are developed to have an alkaline effect on the body which is also helpful against Candida overgrowth. Also as a bonus The author will send you new Candida diet recipes for each section quarterly for free!

Gluten Free/ Low Glycemic Sample Candida Diet Recipes

SnackGolden Chalice GUACAMOLE


DessertGolden Chalice CARROT CAKE


I was thrilled to find out about this Candida diet recipes book and I think it’s perfect for the maintenance phase of a Candida Diet. Many of the recipes would be great for even the strict part of the yeast free diet as well. The Candida diet recipes are mouth watering and will destroy the idea that a Candida friendly diet has to be difficult and boring.

I highly recommend getting this great resource today. It’s available as an environmental friendly PDF and although she charges other restaurants $500 for use of these Candida diet recipes, she will let you use them privately for a fraction of the price. Plus additional Candida diet recipes emailed to you quarterly for free. If you aren’t satisfied with Fun with GF/LG Foods, Debbie will give you a refund within 8 weeks. You will be satisfied because these Candida friendly recipes are amazing! Click here to order now.

See our sample Candida diet recipe from the book: Yeast free Roasted Red Pepper Humus

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2 comments on “Candida Diet Recipes: Gluten Free and Low Glycemic Recipes
  1. recipes candida diet says:

    May I add also that the candida diet is yeast free so all foods that are high in yeast content should be avoided. Cheeses, sugars and fermented foods are just some. Baked products, such as breads, cookies and pastries that use yeast for leavening, are also avoided. Vinegar-based foods, such as mayonnaise, dressings and sauces are also out of the picture since vinegar is high in yeast.

  2. Joanna@ Candida Cleanse says:

    The best recommendation that I found is to eat loads of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens. This type of diet will help you get rid of all kinds of health problems, including yeast infections.