Using Stevia with the Candida Killing Diet

stevia and the candida dietStevia can be a useful sweetener when fighting Candida overgrowth, but it does have some limitations that those on the Candida diet should be aware of.

First of all, Stevia comes from the leaves of a plant that grows in South America and Stevioside is the main ingredient in Stevia that makes it taste sweet. It tastes a bit like artificial sweetener to me, but overall it’s pleasant.

People in South America have been using Stevia for years for its sweet taste and in Japan they have been using it for some time to pickle things like ginger. Stevia has virtually no calories so it won’t feed Candida, however, that doesn’t mean Stevia should be used to sweeten everything.

Stevia Limitations

The FDA was slow to approve Stevia for use as a food product because there wasn’t much evidence for its safety in large quantities. No one would argue that it’s harmless if only a few drops are used a day, but when it comes to consuming large quantities it could have some side effects. In a couple of studies performed on rats, large doses of Stevioside caused fertility problems in male rats and in another study it interfered with the way rat’s cells converted food into energy and how carbohydrates were absorbed.

A couple of years ago the FDA did approve it and now there are several commercial Stevia based products on the market. However, these products are often refined stevia and full of additives like maltodextrin to make them seem more like sugar. Maltodextrin is a starch that is quickly broken down to glucose so it could potentially feed Candida. Some are also combined with sugar alcohols which also aren’t beneficial in eliminating Candida yeast.

The Stevia Verdict

I think using a few drops of natural stevia extract from time to time is fine for people on a Candida diet. However, using large quantities of stevia probably isn’t a good idea. Stevia shouldn’t be used as an excuse to eat things like muffins, cakes, cookies, etc. just because the sugar has been replaced with Stevia.

When shopping for Stevia, the liquid variety is probably the best bet and check the ingredients to make sure it’s all natural and as pure as possible.


Sources: Nutrition Diva, Nutrition Action

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3 comments on “Using Stevia with the Candida Killing Diet
  1. thinx2damnmuch says:

    There’s one reason for the hesitation by the FDA: the FDA IS CORRUPT. A despicable group of tyrants practically owned by the big food companies. Down with the FDA and up with local organic farmers and natural remedies.

  2. vi says:

    stands for
    Fiend D*** A****** who get payed my the corrupted government to learn to corrupt and ddestroy … im sure there is some in the fda who are nice but not all.

  3. megosland says:

    Two weeks into my candida diet I tried stevia (again) and am really enjoying a little here and there! I never would have said this before candida, I remember hating it not too long ago. Wow, how things change… But, a note on the liquid form – it is primarily alcohol. I was told to stick with the powder as it has zero chance of affecting the growth of candida, while alcohol has a definite impact on growth. The powder works so well, I don’t see the worth in using liquid form.