Turmeric Shown to Treat Candida

turmeric-treats-candidaRecent research has shown that turmeric has anti-fungal properties which means that it is yet another powerful herb to keep in your arsenal against Candida.

For those who don’t know what turmeric is, you have to look no further than your Indian restaurant. It is the primary ingredient in a lot of Indian curries. This yellow powder has many uses from food coloring to fabric dye and it has been around for thousands of years.

In laboratory tests it has been shown to kill fungal cells better than fluconazole, which is one of the number one pharmacy drugs used to treat fungal infections. Turmeric has been used in folk medicine for sometime for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, but now it’s anti-fungal properties are being research and understood. Turmeric works by preventing Candida cells adhesion to the intestine wall or other tissues which it can then be eliminated from the body.

Candida eliminating recipesand not only add some spice to your food, but also enjoy the yeast destroying benefits that Turmeric has to offer. If you’re not a fan of curries or spicy food, don’t worry, you can also take turmeric in capsule form to treat Candida.


Source: Natural News

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5 comments on “Turmeric Shown to Treat Candida
  1. Jeff says:

    Been doing a lot of research on what supplements to take for candida. Some of what I read says you have to alternate your anti-fungals in order to prevent the Candida from becoming to immune, would tumeric also be something that should be alternated beings that it only prevents adhesion?

  2. admin says:

    I would imagine the same could theoretically be true as the Candida cells that already have better adhesion would pass these genes on when they bud thus eventually producing a strain that could still adhere to the intestinal wall.. I think turmeric would be best added to cooking as seasoning and incorporated with other herbs and not really just taken by its self.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I am a transplant receipient and a cancer survivor.
    The cancer was a carcinoma on my left cheek. The Thrush in the mouth I am currently suffering from is partly a result of receiving radiation in the cheek area.
    I am unable to take any anti-fungal medication because it is will interfere with the anti-rejection drug “tacolimus” I am taking to prevent organ rejection.
    Are you aware of any research in the area of reaction of herbal remedies used to combat Candida and anti-rejection drugs especially Tacrolimus and Cell Cept?
    Thank You

  4. admin says:

    Hi Elizabeth, My heart goes out to you and I’m so glad you’re a survivor. Your case is tough because the drugs you are taking are suppressing the immune system therefore any dietary efforts to strengthen the immune system probably won’t work. I would advise you to eliminate sugar and refined carbs and also use baking soda as a gargle several times a day and try to leave it in contact with the thrush for as long as possible. Have you read this article on my site? http://www.candidafood.com/2010/03/some-cancers-linked-to-candida/

    All the best

  5. Dale Drew says:

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