The Paleo Diet and Yeast Infections

The Paleo Diet, a weight loss and health promoting diet that has been gaining popularity over the last 5 years, may also help eliminate Candida albicans the fungus behind yeast infections.

Lee Cordain, the Paleo Diet’s author, believes that the modern western diet developed after the agricultural revolution and especially since the industrial revolution isn’t how the human body has evolved to be eating.

He believes the high sugar and high refined carb diet that most of the western world adheres too is the culprit behind many health conditions including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even the growth of parasites in the body such as Candida yeast infections.

The Paleo Diet explores the scientific evidence  that is basis for the diet and then goes into detail on how a person can return to an ancestral way of eating. Basically, returning to the type of diet our human ancestors prior to 10,000 years ago ate.

Humans for millions of years were hunters and gatherers and only ate what they could find and what was in season, so refined sugar and wheat weren’t part of the diet. Since their introduction into the human diet, they have caused health problems for many including tooth decay, gluten intolerance, and obesity among other problems.

Paleo Diet Foods

Organic meats, fish, eggs, most vegetables, fruit in season, nuts, beans, and natural oils make up the bulk of this diet and most grains are completely eliminated as well as refined sugars and any foods that are processed.

The foods on the Paleo diet will produce an alkaline effect on the body which is believed to prevent many diseases from developing including yeast cells, which thrive in a more acidic environment.

Paleo and Candida

The Paleo Diet may provide a good way for people to eliminate Candida overgrowth as well as solve some other health issues.

This diet is highly restrictive and even more so than most Candida diet plans , so some would struggle eliminating all grains and potatoes. However, it would be suitable for people that have many health issues as well as Candida or for people that wish to return to an ancestral way of eating.

This diet is very low sugar and GI with most of the recommended foods also being part of the Candida diet with just a few exceptions. The Paleo Diet could offer a good way to not only cure yeast infections, but also, help people live healthier lives by returning to a more natural way of eating.

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One comment on “The Paleo Diet and Yeast Infections
  1. Tommy says:

    I weight 139 pounds 19% body fat and work out 3X week. Just started the Paleo diet and wondering how I can gain weight/muscle without losing weight on this diet? How can I be in a net caloric gain on this diet?