The Candida Diet and Rooibos Tea

If you’re on a Candida diet then Rooibos tea or Red Bush tea could be a great hot drink option to add safely to your diet.

Rooibos tea originates from Southern Africa and has been used there for 1000’s of years as a drink and medicinally.  Despite the assumption that tea is “fermented” which would exclude it from the Candida diet, Rooibus Tea is oxidized, not fermented.

Rooibus or Red Bush tea comes in two varieties; the reddish brown type or the green type which is harder to find and made from unoxidized Rooibus tea leaves.

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Rooibos Tea is high in antioxidants and is caffeine free. It is known to help with  tension, allergies and digestive problems. Some  animal studies performed on Rooibus suggest it has potent antioxidant, immune-modulating and chemopreventive effects, which are extremely helpful for those on a Candida diet.  Rooibos Tea has not been found to have any negative side effects.

Rooibus Tea in the Candida Diet

You can prepare rooibos tea as you would regular tea and it is usually taken without milk. It has a naturally, but non-sugar, sweet taste so no sweetener is needed. Some also add a slice of fresh lemon to their Rooibos Tea. In South Africa it is becoming popular for espresso shops to serve Rooibos esspresso which is a highly concentrated shot of the tea. If this catches on, others may begin seeing this version in gourmet coffee shops around the world.

Candida Fighting Hot Tea Alternative

If you are a person who loves hot drinks, but also wants to avoid the caffeine and its questionable effects on Candida overgrowth then Rooibos Tea or Red Bush Tea could be a good choice while on the Candida diet. Just make sure you buy your Rooibus from a trusted source and check the ingredients to make sure the tea is 100% Rooibus. Because of this tea’s immune strengthening effects, I recommend it to be used as part of an effective and nutritious Candida diet.

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