The Acid Alkaline Diet and Candida

acid-alkaline-diet-candidaIt is recommended that Candida sufferers avoid acidic foods as these provide conditions for Candida to thrive in. How far should we take this approach? Is it necessary to follow an alkaline diet in order to get Candidiasis under control?

This area can also be quite confusing because even though a food may be acidic in nature it actually may have an alkaline effect on the body. For example grapefruit, although quite acidic, actually alkalizes the body due to its richness in potassium and calcium.

Vice verse some foods that aren’t acidic in nature can have an acidic effect on the body.

Acidic Foods Verses Alkaline Foods

Beef wouldn’t be acidic in nature, but has an acidic effect on the body. It really has to do with the residue left when the food is digested that determines weather it has an acid or alkaline effect.

If you’re still feeling confused, You can get a free acid alkaline food chart free here and if you think you may need to follow an alkaline diet they also have a good program you can sign up for. If your not sure if your body is acidic or not, you can test your body with pH testing strips. A normal pH level should be between 6.75 and 7.25 and can be sampled using saliva or urine. Urine will be slightly more acidic than the saliva but should fall within that range.

There has been a lot of research into the acid alkaline diet and many people have found healing from some pretty serious conditions when they alkalized their bodies. However, it’s really a piece of the puzzle and an alkaline diet won’t cure everything, but could provide an internal environment that promotes good health.

Overall, taking steps to make the body more alkaline can go a long way in restoring health and preventing disease, including Candidiasis.


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