Stress Busting Tips for Students with Candida

stress, students, and candida

Studying for an MBA is stressful, especially if you’re following an online MBA curriculum while holding down a full-time job.

Recent research has implicated stress as a major factor in causing candida and in worsening symptoms, so knowing how to reduce stress can mean the difference between having the energy to complete your studies and having to give up because the strain of ill health has become too hard to deal with.

How Stress Makes Candida Worse

Stress compromises your immune system, and you need your immune system to fight off candida. The stress that affects your body doesn’t just come from emotional sources, such as feeling under pressure or suffering anxiety. Your body can actually generate stress itself.

You have two “brains”, the one in your head and a second “brain” in your gut. Your gut brain communicates constantly with your real brain, and unfortunately, your gut brain is prone to attack from bacteria or fungi.

When you’re healthy, your gut is colonized by beneficial, symbiotic bacteria—your microbiome. And these bacteria play a huge role in a healthy immune system. But when you eat the wrong foods—usually carbohydrates and sugar—those beneficial bacteria get crowded out by pathogenic bacteria and yeast.

These bad guys don’t contribute to the health of your immune system. Instead, they hijack your gut brain and send chemical messages to your real brain, which result in anxiety and stress.

Combating Stress with Essential Oils

Essential oils are very potent plant essences with a remarkable range of therapeutic properties. Some essential oils are excellent germ killers and have proven effective at tackling drug-resistant bacteria like MRSA, while others are very useful for reducing stress.

Research shows that neroli essential oil—orange blossom—has a measurable effect when it comes to lowering levels of stress hormones in the body. A simple inhalation of neroli essential oil was able to reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol and reduce high blood pressure.

Since high blood pressure is another complication of candida, using neroli essential oil on a regular basis makes good sense.

Banishing Stress with Yoga

Yoga, no matter its form, brings many benefits for the body and the mind. When you’re dealing with the effects of candida, a gentle yoga like Hatha yoga, or Restorative yoga will be a better choice than a vigorous style like Vinyasa, or Ashtanga.

There’s no need to head out to a yoga class to benefit from a yoga session, as plenty of instructors offer amazing classes that you can follow at home. One of the most popular online instructors is Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene, who provides free classes catering to all levels of students via her YouTube channel.

If you’ve been thinking about taking an MBA course, but weren’t sure if you could cope with full-time study on campus, then you could take a look at the program details for online MBA courses and see if studying part-time at home would more easily fit with your schedule and your candida management protocol.

Setting aside some time in your day to follow a simple yoga program, as well as having neroli essential oil on hand, will lower your stress levels and make you more resilient in the face of candida.

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