How to Prevent Yeast Infections When You’re in College

prevent yeast infections in college

Yeast infections occur when there’s a proliferation of the candida albicans fungus in the vaginal area.

The yeast is usually constantly present in small numbers, but many conditions can cause overproduction, which can lead to symptoms such as incessant itching, a burning sensation or redness. However, there are some basic tips everyone can apply to reduce the risk of candida infections while in college.

Here are just a few of them.

Consult a Doctor or Counselor Immediately

As soon as you experience serious symptoms such as a deep burning sensation, or experience any kind of discharge, you should consult your school counselor immediately. A college counselor will usually be able to steer you towards the right resources to treat your condition.

Use Safe Sex practices

While not all yeast infections are sexually transmitted, a large portion of them are, and using safe sex practices is one of the best ways to prevent any kind of infection. In many cases, symptoms of STIs can be completely absent, which makes diagnosis that much more difficult. Get tested early and often to make sure that the situation doesn’t aggravate.

Use Hand Sanitizer

While the benefits of hand sanitizers have been questioned by some people, they are still very efficient in reducing occurrences of candida infections. Germs and bacteria have a tendency to proliferate on high contact areas, such as kitchen counters, cupboards, and keyboards. Once you touch these areas, the bacteria are then transferred to your hands.

This increases the likelihood of passing on an infection. This is why it is important to keep all surface areas clean and sanitized and use hand sanitizer as often as possible during the day to reduce the risk of infection.

Be Careful when using Gym Equipment

If you frequent the school’s gym, it’s very important to make sure that you clean off any machine before you use them. Sweat is heavy in pathogens and bacteria, and any machine you use should be disinfected before using it. Again, hand sanitizer will come handy in that situation.

Don’t be afraid to look like a neat freak and spread a generous portion on any surface you’re going to use before you do anything.

Refrain from Sharing Towels

As said earlier, sweat carries lots of bacteria and towels can be a breeding ground for a series of infections. In addition to candida, sharing towels also can lead to dangerous staph infections, some of which are untreatable with antibiotics. If you practice a high contact sport such as basketball for instance, it is essential that you shower after each practice and make sure that you keep your towels separated at all times.

All these tips should allow you to reduce the chances of contracting a candida infection while in college. Remember to never share towels, keep high contact areas safe and clean and don’t forget to use hand sanitizer. Also remember to seek help as soon as you notice early signs to reduce the chances for an outbreak.

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