Why Every Personal Trainer Should Be Familiar with Candida Albicans

personal trainers and Candida

You’ve chosen a career as a personal trainer because you believe that everyone can improve their health with proper exercise and motivation. Some of your clients want to build mass while others want to slim down.

Some of your clients simply want to look and feel better and they know that exercise is the best way to accomplish this. But is it? Research from prestigious universities like Harvard shows that there are certain conditions that can impact the way you feel as well as your motivation to do something about the state of your health. That would be Candida Albicans.

Why Would a Personal Trainer Want to Know about a Digestive Flora?

While Candida is a normally occurring intestinal flora that is common in humans, it can become pathogenic and this is where many problems begin. When you decided to become a personal trainer you looked at the typical salary on salarieshub.com and decided that your natural athleticism and your drive to achieve were perfect skills for the job. However, you may not be suffering from an ailment which keeps so many people from achieving the levels of energy they need.

Sometimes it’s attributed to lack of motivation or lack of exercise, but it could be that some of your clients also have pathogenic yeast taking over their bodies, sapping them of strength and stamina. This is why you, as a personal trainer, should learn all you can about Candida Albicans so that you can also promote healthier diets in those who come to you for professional help.

How Candida Albicans Can Affect Your Clients’ Health

Remember, you are not a doctor or healthcare professional, but it just could be that your clients can experience increased levels of health with a Candida diet. The only way to know for sure if someone is suffering from a chronic yeast infection is for a doctor to do lab work, but in the meantime, you could look for some of these common symptoms:

  • Fatigue – typically chronic fatigue
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Joint stiffness and pain
  • Lack of mental acuity – being foggy much of the time
  • Insomnia

As a personal trainer, these are the symptoms your clients will complain of when explaining why they feel the need for a personal trainer. In addition to the visible changes they want to see after a period of training, they will explain that they simply lack the energy or motivation to do much about their appearance even though they want to see those improvements.

Your Job as a Personal Trainer

Your job as a personal trainer is to tailor your sessions to the client’s needs and wants. You can sum up where their problems are from a visible perspective, but can you identify just what is causing them to avoid physical exercise and training? You might want to start with a Candida diet along with the beginning regimen you develop for them.

Whether or not they are like more than 50% of the population suffering from chronic yeast infections isn’t as important as teaching them good nutrition and tailored exercise for their particular needs. In other words, a healthy diet focused on reducing unhealthy fungus will not hurt. If anything, you’ll find a rapid improvement in their energy and stamina levels, and that, from a personal trainer’s perspective, is a very good thing.

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