Obesity, Candida and Weight Loss

With 70 million Americans classified as obese and 15 million of those people severely obese one has to wonder if there is a connection with Candida.

There is a big debate raging on whether or not obesity is a choice or a disease as some people seem powerless to change. Factoring in diet plan cost, workout programs costs, tummy tuck cost, and gastric bypass cost has become part a many household budgets.

How Are Obesity and candida Connected?

If Candida albicans is involved then the obesity disease connection could be even more true. One of the major physiological factors with a systemic Candida infection is the craving of sugar and carbs which is a major factor in a person’s inability to lose weight. Furthermore, the whole addictive property of sugar and carb laden food is well documented and Candida could be contributing to this addiction.

One of the by-products that Candida releases is a type of alcohol so when Candida cells aren’t metabolizing they don’t release as much which can create withdrawal symptoms such as cravings for sugar. When the Candida are fed the sugar then they begin releasing the alcohol again which eases the withdrawal. It’s really fascinating how this whole process works and how Candida has so perfectly adapted to the human body and also evolved mechanisms to ensure it’s survival there.

So overweight people could really be powerless as long as Candida cells are present within the digestive tract. This really makes sense when you realize that millions of people are obese and probably millions of people also suffer with Chronic Candida. It would be foolish to say that all obesity is linked to Candida but it certainly calls for more research. Unfortunately, because the medical community doesn’t fully embrace systemic Candida as a diagnosis, research into the link between Candida, obesity, and weight loss could be years down the road.

Many who follow a healthy Candida diet do mention the weight loss that results from following the diet. One such comment was left on the site everydiet.org.

“I have lacked energy for years. About a year ago I started itching and thought I had diabetes. All tests came back negative and I believe because the doc was only interested in diabetes he did not check for candida. The itch got worse and three weeks ago I found it was keeping me awake. I noticed my tongue had gone white, Bingo! I cut out sugar, coffee, alcohol, bread and anything with yeast in it. In three days I lost 3kgs weight and had a such a sudden change in my life it feels like a miracle.”

If you want to know how to lose weight naturally and have tried other methods with no success than maybe Candida could be the missing piece to the puzzle to end your struggle with obesity.

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2 comments on “Obesity, Candida and Weight Loss
  1. W@illiambandom@webtv.net says:

    I am on a Candida Diet,I have lost weight that I can not afford to,I did not need to loose it,so results is now underweight,but I can not wonder off it,things go bad,especially my Bowel,I have Irritable Bowel with the Candida,what can I do

  2. Editor says:

    Hi William, There are many great food options that you can use while on the Candida Diet. Have you looked at this cookbook? All the recipes are gluten free and low GI .