Yeast Infections in Men

man-candidaUnfortunately, mostly due to marketing there is a feminine stigma when it comes to Yeast infections or Candidiasis.

Some men think only women get yeast infections and other men are embarrassed to admit yeast infections occur in men. Although it is more common for women to get yeast infections because of their anatomy, it is pretty common to see yeast infections in men.

The most common place a man will get yeast infections is in the mouth or throat known as thrush. Secondly, yeast infections in men can occur as candida overgrowth on their penis. Uncircumcised men would be more susceptible to this because the foreskin allows for more favorable conditions for growth.

Other spaces on the skin can also be prone to growth if the man has a compromised immune system and internally in the intestines, blood and organs Candida can sometimes grow.

It is important that men are aware that yeast infections in men are common and it is nothing to feel embarrassed about. The important thing would be for the man to get help so that the yeast infection doesn’t grow out of control and cause serious harm. If you are a man that is suffering with Candidiasis there are many resources available for you to live free from infections.

Making dietary changes or by completing a program like Yeast Infection No More is a good place to start treating yeast infections in men.

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