Manuka Honey and the Candida Yeast Free Diet

When people are on a Candida eliminating diet it can be difficult because the sweet tooth has to be “pulled out” unless you switch to artificial sweeteners which can have other negative health factors.

There’s a special type of honey made in New Zealand and Australia that has amazing antimicrobial properties. This honey is called Manuka Honey in New Zealand and Jellybush Honey in Australia. Manuka Honey is gaining popularity around the world and it can be found in most places now.

What Makes Manuka Honey Special?

While all honey has some antimicrobial properties, manuka honey has an additional property because of the manuka bush from which the honey bees gather nectar from. Unlike other honey, this property remains stable even after being heated and digested in the stomach. The Maori (indigenous New Zealanders) have been using manuka for centuries because of it’s amazing anti-disease properties.

The medical field has also begun using manuka honey based dressings for wounds and burns as well as using manuka honey for wounds that aren’t responding to traditional treatments. The manuka kills both bacterial and fungal infections on the skin.

Choosing Manuka Honey

When choosing a manuka honey, it’s important to consider some factors in order not to get ripped off. This honey can be expensive so look for the following items before buying.

  • The label should say “Active Manuka Honey”.
  • It should have an UMF rating of at least 10.
  • It should be sold in a opaque jar.
  • Raw manuka honey is best but this could be hard to find overseas.

Manuka Honey in the Candida Diet

Now manuka honey is primarily sugar, but because of it’s anti-fungal properties it can theoretically be consumed in small doses as a way to have something sweet without encouraging Candida growth. It could also be used as an external remedy to treat yeast infections of the skin, mouth, penis, and vagina.

So if you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to ruin your Candida diet, try some active manuka honey.  It could be used to lightly sweeten green tea, yogurt, oatmeal, and much more.


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3 comments on “Manuka Honey and the Candida Yeast Free Diet
  1. Mariele says:

    Great blog, you have some of the most comprehensive information about yeast infection on the internet. This is the first time I’ve heard about manuka honey being used in a candida diet and externally for yeast infection.

  2. Rachel says:

    You say Manuka can theoretically be used as an anti-fungal…where are you getting this information from? I just bought some 100% Raw Manuka, unpasteurized and Active 16+. I’ve found very conflicting information on the web. I’ve been suffering from systemic candida for about 6-7 years. I’d love to be able to have something sweet, but this honey was 30 dollars for the jar and I don’t to open it if it won’t help, i’ve already wasted too much money on things that don’t help. I appreciate any input. Thanks ~Rachel

  3. Ted says:

    It won’t get rid of Candida if that’s what you’re after. But, in the maintenance stage of the diet it can serve as a way to enjoy something sweet.