Kale and The Candida Diet

I try to stress on this site that a Candida eliminating diet doesn’t have to bland and boring. There are many great foods out there that are not only  Candida diet friendly but highly nutritious and tasty.

One such superfood is kale. People may think of kale as that green leafy vegetable that is cooked by by boiling it to death in often fatty pork or ham stock. However, kale can be eaten in a variety of ways from tossed in salads to lightly steamed and even used in soups.

Kale Benefits

Kale is one of the highest ranking vegetables when it comes to many antioxidants and it contains other powerful nutrients that have detoxifying properties that will help the liver process the chemicals released during Candida die off while on the beginning stages of a Candida diet.

The greatest nutrients are found in cut, but raw kale. If cooking is preferred, it should be lightly steamed and not boiled.


I believe the goal of a candida diet is increased overall health and not just eliminating candida overgrowth. A person should emerge in better health after the Candida is under control and hopefully will have adopted healthier eating habits that incorporate such superfoods like kale. When buying kale it is best to find a locally grown, organic source as the nutrients of kale are the highest from plants grown in good soil.

Source: Natural News

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