How Strict Do I Have To Be On A Candida Diet?

This is a question that many people suffering with Candida overgrowth ask. If you’ve spent any time researching a Candida Diet then you have no doubt found information that often adds to the confusion of how strict a Candida Diet needs to be.

When you look at a Candida diet with some logic and common sense, you will find that the process to eliminate Candida overgrowth isn’t as scary or confusing as some would have you believe. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that Candida diet recommendations are general guidelines to follow, in that everyone is different and some people may have success still eating certain foods while other people wont have relief unless their diets are extremely strict.

The Start of a Candida Diet

It is generally accepted that the first month to two months of a Candida diet should be pretty strict. This means that along with sugary and white flour foods, starches and sugary fruits should also be eliminated. Your diet should be full of low starch vegetables and organic meats or plant proteins. Also prebiotic foods and probiotics (except those that contain vinegar) should also make up a good portion of the diet.

Candida Diet Maintenance

At this stage of the Candida diet people are usually feeling pretty good. They’ve been trough the die off symptoms, their immune systems are in good health and the candidiasis symptoms are generally gone. At this stage it’s important to find a balance and a diet that can become a lifestyle. Quite frankly people who try to adhere to the strict Candida diet in stage one often fail because that type of diet is just too unrealistic to maintain for the long term.

This is when the dieter can begin introducing back in the “gray area” foods such as high sugar fruits and vegetables along with starchy vegetables. It’s wise to gradually add these foods and be very aware of how your body is reacting. If candidiasis symptoms begin to return eliminate the food(s) that caused this. Also foods in the “gray area” should always be consumed in moderation.

If the dieter can establish a Candida diet that is doable for the long term then success is likely to continue for the long term.

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What Works For Some….

Despite what some people would want you to believe a Candida diet isn’t an exact science and what works for some doesn’t work for others. However, people who experience long term success have discovered what type of diet works best for them and it’s usually one that after the initial strict phase has long term, realistic food choices that fit in with their lifestyle and body chemistry.

A Candida diet doesn’t have to be bland and boring, but can be full of healthy foods you’ll love.


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13 comments on “How Strict Do I Have To Be On A Candida Diet?
  1. sue says:

    i have a question,, i am thinking of taking “candida clear” and it has rice flour in it and i was wondering if that is ok?? thanks for any information,,,

  2. Editor says:

    Hi Sue, I always tell people to avoid those pre-made products.. focus on natural whole foods. 🙂

  3. Sarah Padley says:

    Hi, please help, I have been on the Candida diet for nearly 8 weeks now and am sticking to it religioulsy not to mention the suppliments I have from the dietiction that diagnoised it, however everyone seems to lose weight where as I have yet to lose a pound…I am trying everything and was even recomemmended Lecithin which I now take with everymeal but alas to nothing…I am getting scared to eat because I need to lose weight but I also know I need to clear this up? I am not over eating on portions but I am getting very down from it….any ideas? thank you

  4. Editor says:

    Hi Sarah, Have been to the doctor to have your thyroid function checked? Other than that, it’s usually a matter of calories. Figure out how many calories you should be eating to lose weight based on your activity level. There’s a great calculator here. 🙂

  5. Craig says:

    Hi. I have been on a strict Candida diet for 6 weeks now. I was diagnosed with candida 12 months ago and the doctor gave me Fluconasole and Nilstat but didnt mention I needed to avoid certain foods. I have it al over my tongue and suspect my throat as it is always sore and was having abdominal pains as well as a constant headache and constant lethargy. I started the diet about 6 weeks ago and have followed it to a T! My symptoms are not getting any better and I have seen a number of Doctors and they really dont seem to know much about Candida? How long will I be on the strict diet before I start seeing it clear up from my tongue and before I start feeling any improvement? Also, a lot of recipes reccomend Agave netar as a sweetener but it is full of sugar? After 6 weeks without anything swet at all I am wrecking my head in anticipation of something sweet! Any suggestions?

  6. Editor says:

    Hi Craig, what supplements are you taking and which diet are you following?

  7. Craig says:

    I am taking Entrapro LoAlag pro biotics, 15g per day. I have basically been making my own diet as many foods on the candida diets seem to make my candida worse. I have been surviving on Meat, chicken, Brocoli, Zuchini, cabbage, avocado, garlic, brown rice and eggs. No condiments of any kind, just salt and pepper. I have also been eating organic Chickpeas and lentils as well. Al that for about 7 weeks now and the only improvement so far is the abdominal pains are gone. How long do you think I will have to stay on this diet until it completely goes away? Or doesnt it go away completely?

    But as mentioned, many of the candida sites list recipes that include things like agave nector and carob chock chipsetc, for sweeteners but both are packed full of sugar from what I can see on the nutritional info on the bottle.

  8. Editor says:

    Hi Craig, people susceptible to yeast overgrowth usually have to stay on a somewhat restrictive diet for the rest of their lives to remain yeast free. The most effective programs don’t recommend the use of any sugar based sweetener at least for the first two months.

  9. Sandy says:

    I have been on the candida diet for nine months. After about 3 and half months. My test were sent to the labs and found the candida was gone but my gluten was way up. so I did the gluten free diet only. Now the symptoms of candida came back. The symptoms are horrible because I have vaginal and rectal itching and burning. Could I have something else?

  10. Editor says:

    Hi Sandy, It depends on what your gluten free diet consisted of.. another possibility could be gardnerella.

  11. Sheila says:

    Hi, i was strict for almost 3 months and felt amazing. I am now on maintenance but worried about the holidays as it takes only a drop of sugar for the insomnia and lethargy to return. How do you feel about using xylitol as a sweetener in cooking? I currently use a bit of stevia now and the but im hosting xmas and NY. Would maple or agave be better alternatives? Also which flour would. E better, buchwheat or quinoa? Please help. Thanks

  12. Editor says:

    Hi Sheila. Xylitol (I’ve never baked with it) and stevia are good. As for flour quinoa is good as well as almond. Maple and Agave are pretty much just like regular sugar as far as yeast are concerned.

  13. Jason says:

    Beware of what the lecithin is extracted from sarah. I have heard lecithin from soy may have unkown implications.