Chronic Candida and Stress: Roadblock to Healing

candida and stressOften when people discover that they have a chronic Candida infection they focus on diet and foods to clear up the Candida overgrowth.

However, sometimes there are other factors that can be roadblocks to success when on a Candida eliminating diet. One such factor is stress as it can be a contributing factor to getting candidiasis and a factor in getting rid of the yeast.

Stress and the Body

As you are probably aware, ongoing stress is not good for the body. We have developed mechanisms to help us cope with difficult situations in life, but these mechanisms are really just meant to work for short periods of time.

If a person is faced with prolonged stress these mechanisms actually cause harm to the body. Ongoing stress causes adrenal fatigue and this in turn weakens the immune system, inhibits proper digestion, interferes with sleep patterns,  effects sexual health, and throws hormone levels out of balance among other things.

If you’ve ever been “stressed out” or have known someone who is, then you know how horrible stress can make us feel and even look.

Candida Overgrowth and Stress

When the body is in this stressed state, the immune system is weakened and this can allow Candida albicans to begin growing out of control. Also, if you are following a Candida diet and still under a lot of stress, then it can prevent you from achieving the benefits from the Candida diet as the stress will be working against you.

Steps to Relieve Stress

We all deal with stress differently, but there are some things you can do to eliminate the negative effects that stress can have and especially when it comes to Candida.

  1. Exercise– This channels the negative energy into more product outlets and promotes good endorphins to be released in the brain which have a calming effect. Walking, running, aerobics and even exercise using aquatic therapy equipment is effective in relieving stress.
  2. Meditate– Have some time set aside each day where you can clear your mind and breath deep. Listen to some soothing music and focus on something peaceful.
  3. Talk– Discuss your problems and difficulties with someone that cares.
  4. Practice Relaxation Techniques– Get a massage, learn yoga, explore your artistic side, get to your happy place.
  5. Sex– A healthy sex life with someone you love is also a great stress relief.

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Dealing With Stress Promotes Wellness

By approaching chronic Candida from a more holistic approach by considering stress and emotional factors, greater success and relief can be achieved.

If you feel like you are experiencing a road block to success then you may want to do a stress assessment and take steps top eliminate or deal with the stress in a more productive manner. By considering body, mind, and spirit you will be well on your way to defeating Candida overgrowth and living a healthier life.

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