Yeast Infection Causes

How do you know if you have a Candida (often misspelled Candita) overgrowth somewhere in your body? This page outlines what yeast infection causes and symptoms to look out for so you can determine if Candida is the culprit.

Oral Thrush

This type of candida outbreak occurs in the mouth and although it it most common in infants, adults can experience a Candida overgrowth under the right circumstances. The most common being while on a run of antibiotics as bacteria keep Candida cells in check, but if the bacterial cells are killed then the Candida cells are free to grow. Other yeast infection causes include steroid use, cancer treatment, AIDS, birth control, and other immune system disorders.

Thrush can come on quickly and can take some time to clear up. You first might notice a sore tongue and/or a sore throat. Inspection of this area will reveal creamy white, slightly raised patches. These are the Candida albicans colonies. If left unchecked, Candida can spread to the esophagus (eating tube) and even into the lungs so it’s helpful to catch it early.

Your doctor can give you an anti-fungal pill or lozenge to clear up the infection. Just like other yeast infection causes, thrush can be treated naturally with herbs and a candida diet

View pictures of oral thrush here.

Vaginal Candida Yeast Infection Causes

Candida or commonly called yeast infection is the number one cause of vaginal irritation and discharge among women. There are always some Candida cells in the vaginal canal, but during changes in the vaginal environment, these cells can grow out of control. Some yeast infection causes could be use of antibiotics, steroids, birth control, semen, pregnancy, and menstruation. Yeast infections are more common after menopause.

Women with yeast infections will experience itching and discomfort in and around the vagina with a cheesy white discharge. There can also be pain or discomfort during sex when a candida overgrowth is present.

Over the counter treatments such as creams can be used to treat most vaginal Candidal infections, but if symptoms continue or worsen you should consult your doctor as some STD’s have similar symptoms. Vaginal yeast Infection causes can also be prevented following natural methods

View a picture of vaginal Candidiasis here.

Candidiasis of the Skin

Candida can also grow on the skin, but usually only in moist places such as underarms, under the breasts, between toes and other places where skin can fold keeping the area moist. This type of Candida overgrowth is most common in infants and is referred to as diaper rash.

Again, these yeast infection causes may be caused by changes in the body’s chemistry because of medications, antibiotics , and steroids, or more commonly in people with weak or damaged  immune systems.

Candidiasis of the skin will appear as a red, raised splotch on the skin which can itch and burn. It is not to be confused with ring worm which is also a fungus, but can appear anywhere on the body and forms a circular red ring instead of a splotch.

Candida overgrowth on the skin can be treated with over the counter anti-fungal creams and it’s important to keep the area clean and dry. You can also treat the symptoms and  prevent skin yeast infection causes by using natural methods.

You can see pictures of skin Candidiasis here.

Penile Candida Yeast Infection Causes

Although this type of candidiasis is rare it can occur in some men, especially if your partner relies on birth control herself and condoms are not regularly used. (Side note: Yasmin side effects, and the side effects of other birth control methods may include the development of yeast infections and candida, as well as a host of other issues).

It is more common in uncircumcised males as the foreskin allows for excellent conditions for growth. It is believed that yeast infections in women can be transmitted during sexual intercourse, but as above, the causes of this type of  yeast infection is most likely the result of imbalances in the body or because of medications and a weakened immune system.

Penile Candida will show up as creamy white splotches under the foreskin and on or under the prepuce. Irritation can also occur.

You can treat penile Candida by keeping the area clean and dry and using over the counter anti-fungal creams. This should not be confused with jock itch, which although a fungus, is a different species and usually forms around the testicles and not on the penis. Penile yeast infection causes can be prevented by natural methods.

You can view a picture of Penile Candida here.

Internal Candida Yeast Infection Causes

This type candida overgrowth is perhaps the most challenging to diagnose and most often the most dangerous. Candida can grow out of control in the intestine, blood, liver, lungs, spleen, heart, kidneys and even your brain. Although this type of overgrowth is usually restricted to people with weakened or damaged immune systems because of AIDS or chemotherapy it is becoming more common in seemingly healthy adults as well.

People that have been experiencing ongoing intestinal difficulties and fatigue could possibly have candida overgrowth in their intestines. This growth prevents the absorption of nutrients and causes irritation. Sometimes IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can be misdiagnosed as the person is really suffering from Candida overgrowth in the the colon. The medical community hasn’t fully embraced Candidiasis of the colon as a likely diagnosis, however, anecdotal evidence shows that it is becoming more common and people are finding relief after adjusting diet and lifestyle.

If you suspect this type of candidiasis, it’s important to go to your doctor as 75% of these internal yeast infections can be fatal. However, if you suspect the infection is in your intestines, you may have a hard time convincing your doctor to run the necessary tests. You may have to visit a naturopath or try some of the natural remedies/ diets on this site to find relief.

You can see a picture of Candida in the Colon here.

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