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Xbiotic Candida Killing Probiotic Supplement Review

xbiotic probiotic candida killing

Xbiotic is a unique probiotic supplement specifically designed to kill candida albicans yeast in the body. I’m a firm believer that a Candida eliminating diet is the number one defense against Candida, but, Xbiotic does contain a lot of the

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Benefits of Oregon Grape Against Candida


I built this site because I’m a firm believer in the power of natural cures through whole and nutritions foods. Yet another powerful whole food herb is oregon grape. Yes I know, grapes aren’t allowed on the Candida diet, but

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Protein Supplements and The Candida Diet

In theory protein supplements might seem like a good idea to use while on a Candida diet. They could be a great way of increasing your protein and caloric intake while not feeding the Candida yeast cells living in your

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FiveLac and The Candida Diet

One of the important components to any effective Candida diet is the use of probiotics in order to restore the inner balance of the digestive tract. FiveLac is a popular blend of probiotics (good bacteria) designed to restore this balance.

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Spirulina In The Candida Diet

Spirulina is often recommended by naturopaths and herbologists as a supplement for increasing health and vitality. If you’re on a Candida eliminating diet there are some great reasons for incorporating spirulina into that diet. There have been many studies conducted

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