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Living with Candida for 35 Years

living with candida

I hope that many people can learn from what I did to get my yeast problem cleared up. And what I did to make it the raging problem it still is today. It is a long story, but if it

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On A Candida Plan but Got a Yeast Infection

Please help me! I’ve been on the Candida diet for 10 weeks now and apart from 2 minor lapses I have been gluten, yeast, sugar, dairy and fruit free all that time. But now I have started with an outbreak

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Candida Eliminating Success Story

Yeast Elimination Success

I was surprised a few months ago when a saliva test for Candida revealed why I was having some pretty ghastly symptoms; (stomach and intestinal gas, nasty face rash, carb cravings, etc.) I eat the most healthful diet of anyone

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A Candida Diet Really Does Work: A Success Story

I love getting reports from people who have finally found relief from yeast infections by following a Candida Diet. This is just further evidence that Candida Diets work despite what many in the medical profession would say. Here is a

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Is My Sore Tongue Candida?

I’ve always been healthy in my 51 years, and 15 lbs underweight for my height. I moved to Japan (from the USA) about a year ago and after three months of living here, I noticed a sore tongue (and occasionally

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