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Balancing Your Health with the Right Diet

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If your doctor has told you that your health is out of whack and has suggested that you change your diet, you might end up staying at the drawing board for a while. Should you go on the paleo diet,

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Ultimate Candida Diet Review


The Ultimate Candida Diet is the newest Candida eliminating system on the market. It seeks to fill the gaps where other Candida diets fail in order to provide a revolutionary, comprehensive natural approach to eliminating Candida overgrowth from the body

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10 Foods to Never Eat on a Candida Eliminating Diet and Why


An effective Candida diet is a process by which Candida albicans cells are cleansed from the body. You’ll never cleanse them if you keep feeding them. While there some “grey area foods” that many debate on whether or not they

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Soy Yogurt for Chronic Yeast Infections?

soy yogurt chronic yeast infections

When my chronic yeast infection problem began my doctor advised that I eat yogurt daily. I am vegan and she advised that as long as it had live active cultures soy yogurt is fine. After reading the mass of information

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Candida Safe Tips for the Holidays

To be honest, for many people on a Candida diet the holidays spell disaster for maintaining the Candida albicans eliminating diet. Sugar abounds during the holidays and is constantly being shoved in your face while at holiday parties and functions.

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