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Is Potato Starch OK to Eat?


Is potato starch a bad ingredient for yeast free (Candida) diet? My daughter has been on a gluten-free diet for many years. Many of her organic foods have potato starch as well as tapioca starch in them. Thanks for your

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What’s Candida albicans Yeast?

Candida albicans yeast

There can often be some confusion as to what Candida albicans yeast actually is and how it can cause problems in the human body. I’m not sure how much biology you’ve had, but basically, it’s a type of yeast, which

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Is My Anti-Candida Diet Working?


I began candida diet 5 weeks ago. I cleansed for the first two weeks and for the last three weeks I have been on anti-fungal supplements consisting of oil of oregano (up to 8 drops per day now) and natural

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Does DoTERRA Oils GX Assist Candida Detox Supplement Work?


I have all but a couple of the listed symptoms for potentially having Candida overgrowth. So yes, I am definitely doing a cleanse. I have recently been introduced to Ceritfied Pure Therapeutic Grade oil line called doTERRA. So far, I

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On A Candida Plan but Got a Yeast Infection

Please help me! I’ve been on the Candida diet for 10 weeks now and apart from 2 minor lapses I have been gluten, yeast, sugar, dairy and fruit free all that time. But now I have started with an outbreak

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