Candida Saliva Test (Yeast Spit Test) Debunked

candida-saliva-test.jpgIf you have spent any time researching Candida online, you have no doubt stumbled across the popular saliva test for Candida.

In this test you are to spit into a glass of room temperature water upon waking and let it sit for thirty minutes. Basically, if you see strings coming from your saliva sitting on top, specs floating in the water or cloudy globs sitting at the bottom then you most likely have a Candida problem.

Some sites claim that 85% of people have a Candida problem which can be proven with this Saliva test. It’s important to note that these sites are also trying to sell some supplement that will get rid of Candida for you. Besides that, I have a several problems with the validity of the Candida saliva test.

Saliva Test Debunked

First of all, the claim here is that Candida cells are heavier than water so they sink. Healthy saliva will just float on top and dissipate. While this might be true, we have to remember that there can be other things in the mouth besides Candida cells.

Your mouth is constantly shedding dead cells much like your skin does.  In the morning these cells tend to build up in the mouth because there has been nothing to wash them away all night.  When you spit in the glass it is most likely that you are seeing mouth epithelial cells settling to the bottom.

Secondly, your mouth is full of bacteria. These bacterial colonies tend to build up over night, again, because there is nothing to wash them away as you sleep. This is what is responsible for that so called morning breath. Bacteria cells will clump together and could also be seen as particles or lines sinking to the bottom of the glass.

Lastly, Candida is everywhere and it naturally lives in the mouths of healthy adults, so it’s presence doesn’t necessarily indicate disease. It is only when these cells are allowed to grow out of control do they cause harm.

Candida Diagnosis is More Complicated

Although it would be nice to have a simple test that indicates Candida overgrowth, it’s just not that simple and I’m afraid the candida saliva test falls under the Candida Fiction category because it is just not a scientifically sound test to determine Candida.

It is probably better to look at all of your symptoms and then compare them with the symptoms commonly related to Candidiasis. You can also have Lab tests performed to determine your Candida count. Don’t be fooled, the Candida saliva test will not give you an accurate measurement of Candida cells in your body.

See My Candida Cleanse Checklist in order to see if you could benefit from a Candida diet.

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2 comments on “Candida Saliva Test (Yeast Spit Test) Debunked
  1. Cyria Rose says:

    Thank you for the info! 🙂

  2. KiwiAl says:

    So good to see another popular myth debunked!

    I was told about the spit test – which Dr Oz has publicised – yesterday, and tried it this morning.

    Result: legs / strings descending

    But life is seldom so plain, simple, easy or black and white, and my suspicions about this test were quickly confirmed by this page.

    Many thanks!

    Now going to check what Dr Oz has to say…