Candida Diet Food Tip: Quinoa

A Candida diet can be tough going as some entire foods that used to be a staple in the diet are completely forbidden.

Many people on the Candida diet often fail because they miss their pasta and white rice too much and eventually give in.

Quinoa just might be the answer and provide more variety for those on a Candida Diet as it can be substituted in dishes that call for pasta or rice while all the while being a much healthier alternative.

Quinoa (keenwhaa) isn’t a true grain but a seed that originally was grown in South America. What makes Quinoa a great substitute is it’s nutritional value. It is the only “grain-like” food to have a complete amino acid profile so it is a complete protein source.

It is naturally gluten free and is a low GI food so it is safe for those on a Candida diet.

You prepare Quinoa much like you do rice and the possibilities are endless for the meals you can use it in. Make sure if your Quinoa isn’t pre-rinsed that you rinse it to get rid of a bitter coating that naturally exists on the seed.

Quinoa flour can be used in baked items as well and is best when combined with sorghum flour, tapioca, and potato starch.

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Quinoa Adds Diversity and Nutrition

If you are having trouble finding food choices while on a Candida eliminating diet or you are leery of starting a Candida diet because of the strict food choices, perhaps Quinoa will make the diet much easier to follow and stick with.

Quinoa comes in many different varieties, so feel free to experiment until you find one that you like best.


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3 comments on “Candida Diet Food Tip: Quinoa
  1. Thanks for talking about Quinoa. I had been meaning to get some, and you’ve reminded me again! 🙂

  2. jeremi says:

    You mention mixing quinoa with potato starch on an anti-candida dirt. Is that really a safe idea?

  3. T. Kallmyer says:

    Hi Jeremi, That was only when using Quinoa flour for baking to make it work better. If you were going to bake with it during the maintenance stage of the diet I think it would be safe. Just not during the cleanse stage.