Candida Diet Foods List: Yeast Infection Foods

The Western Diet is full of sugary and acidic foods so it’s no wonder so many people are suffering from Candida.

You could get really picky here but a Candida Diet Foods list can’t possibly cover all foods out there.

However, a rule of thumb would be to avoid sugary and acidic foods.

Candida Diet Foods Not to Eat

The below list includes Candida Diet Foods that should be eliminated or greatly reduced. Almost all processed foods should be avoided because they usually are full of sugar, refined carbs, and preservatives.


  • Aged cheeses
  • Alcohol (Including beer, wine, spirits, and liqueurs)
  • Chocolate
  • High sugar dried and fresh fruits
  • Fermented foods
  • Mushrooms
  • Vinegar
  • Glutenous foods (wheat, rye, barley) including pasta
  • All sugars, honeys and syrups (that includes any ‘ose’, like lactose, sucrose etc)
  • Foods that contain yeast or mold
  • Sweetened yogurt
  • Sweetened Coffee, fruit teas, and soft drinks
  • Condiments that contain sugar and vinegar (ketchup, pickles, steak sauce etc.)
  • Vegetables like beetroot, canned tomatoes, carrots, cucumber skins, potato skins
  • Meats that come from animals fed antibiotics and hormones
  • Processed frozen dinners and quick meals
  • White Rice
  • Artificial Sweeteners– Sucralose, aspartame, Ace-K, sugar alcohols, saccharine
  • Milk

Candida Foods That Help Eliminate Yeast Infections

This Candida diet foods list can help slow or inhibit candida growth. Also, yeast infection foods that strengthen the immune system and promote healthy bacterial growth are generally recommended because overgrowth occurs often after immune systems are compromised and after runs of antibiotics.

It’s helpful to take a good Candida Diet Foods list with you to the grocery store so that you can make wise choices when shopping. Candida Diet foods don’t have to be bland and boring, but there are a lot of great foods to choose from and recipes to try. These Candida Diet Foods help eliminate Candida albicans from your body.

By incorporating these immune strengthening items from this Candida diet foods list into your diet and eliminating the Candida Diet foods that feed yeast infections, you can be well on your way to being yeast infection free for good by following a healhy Candida diet full of health promoting foods that are good for your body.

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408 comments on “Candida Diet Foods List: Yeast Infection Foods
  1. Editor says:

    Hi Linkeda, Some advise against gluten, but if you do eat pita make sure it’s whole wheat as you want to focus on foods that have a lower GI index. Organic corn chips are fine as long as there aren’t added sugar and preservatives other than salt. Tea really isn’t fermented but oxidized (this is a common misconception) some tea is fine except for the sweet fruit teas, I’ve recommended some that actually are very beneficial Red Bush and teheebo. All the best. 🙂

  2. Editor says:

    Hi Janene, These are usually your hard cheeses.. cheddar, parm. blue etc. Once you’re on the maintenance part of the diet you can have these cheeses occasionally. As far as organic meat, you may have better luck looking at a local butcher instead of your chain markets. Also look for the term “free range” as this can indicate healthier meat. I think if you follow other aspects of the diet and it works then there is no reason to cut out meat even non-organic varieties. All the best 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    I just started the Candida Diet. Day 3, and I’m struggling of course. What, no alcohol? I’m taking probiotics, as well as Oil of Oregano and Caprylic Acid. Is that ok? Having a tough time with what to eat though. I’ll just ask a couple of questions. Can I drink one cup of coffee non sweetened? Can I have white rice? What is best to drink besides water? Veggie juice? Green tea? Can I still use Olive OIl? I’ll leave it at that. I like your site, thanks for all the info. Off to the health food store:(

  4. Editor says:

    Hi Pat, Congrats on taking the steps necessary to get well. No alcohol for at least 60 days, sorry.. Here’s my view on coffee and tea. White rice isn’t recommended, but long grain brown is and is all around a healthier choice. Green juices/smoothies are usually good. Olive oil is good, but coconut oil is better. I wish you all the best and hang in there, you’ll be thankful you did. 🙂

  5. mati says:

    Hi, thanks for this site.
    I have a few questions as I am just starting on a candida diet. Is carbonated water bad to have and if so why? Some sites say to avoid completely and others say it is fine – who to trust?
    And another thing – I like having pure liqourice, no sugar or any other additives – is that OK to eat?
    Regarding rice – some say only brown rice, others that basmati and jasmin are fine too?

  6. Pat says:

    Thanks for the article on caffeine. I’m going to avoid coffee, since I can’t put sugar in in anyway. I’m on Day 4, and overwhelmed. I promise not to bother you(to much), but what can I eat for breakfast besides eggs? Is there a cereal that I can use. I think I’m allowed unsweetened Soy milk, right? I’m going to sign up for the mailing list for menus. Thanks for a great site. It helps to read what everyone else is going thru. My stomach, aka Mr. Grumbles, already feels a bit better:)

  7. Editor says:

    Hi Pat, steel cut oatmeal is a good choice and you also could eat quinoa prepared similarly. I pretty much eat eggs one day and oatmeal the next. 🙂

  8. Editor says:

    Hi Mati, Carbonated water is fine in my opinion as long as they haven’t but preservatives in it.. CO2 is a byproduct of yeast so it wouldn’t benefit the fungus in anyway. I wrote an article about why different Candida diets contradict each other here. Pure licorice should be good as it has a lot of good properties for digestion and licorice tea is a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth without having sugar. Just be careful, too much licorice acts as a laxative. Rice, Long grain Brown is the best, then others can be ok too. You really need to look at the glycemic index of them. Brown is about 55, Basmati is 58, Jasmine (long grain white) is 56 (all medium GI), while short grain white rice is 72(high GI). So all three you mentioned are fine. Brown would contain more fiber than the others. All the best 🙂

  9. rob says:

    i have just started this diet and have so far found this site very helpful. Are dill pickles aloud on this diet. Thanks in advance

  10. Editor says:

    Hi Rob, you’re supposed to avoid vinegar while on the diet so yes.. After 60 days you could have some occasionally. 🙂

  11. Nickole says:

    The one thing I’m having a very hard time with on this program is not smoking (I know it’s awful). Patches and e-cigarettes have worked, but other sites say not to use them, as it’s the nicotine that causes the candida problems. I have tried cold turkey and not only is it painful but I just cannot be lived with! Help!
    And thank you for all of the execellent information. It’s been very helpful.

  12. rob says:

    sorry to bother you again. I’m seeing quite a few conflicting sites with different diet information on them. I was wondering if one is allowed to eat wholemeal pita breads. I think i’ve seen a site that says its ok and then others saying no way. Confused!

  13. Stephanie says:

    Hi anti- candida friends! I just started this diet last week. It’s tough at first-now on day 7 it’s easier. Can anyone tell me how you figured out how you had candida over growth? I discovered Whole foods grocery store. I highly recommend finding one near you. Makes shopping so easy since everything is organic, yeast free, sugar free products, Stevia and gluten free products. Did anyone get the yeast free die off symptoms? I was so dizzy it was scary.
    Sorry for the questions just trying to learn from others experiences. Wishing u all luck at this diet, it’s tough but we can do it! 🙂

  14. Editor says:

    Hi Rob, Sorry for the delay, I had a busy weekend. The issue revolves around gluten and I’m about to write an article on that subject now.

  15. jeffrey says:

    Hi everyone, and thank you very much Ted for your wonderful site and your committent.
    I have just found out that i have CA and started to panic a bit (not good for a 49yr old father of two teeenage sons lol). What got me to look at too much yeast in the body was that no matter how much oral hygiene or visits to the dentist i cannot stop my gums bleeding especially first thing in the morning (sorry). The spit test confirmed my fears, but finding your wonderful site and not being alone has eased my anxiesty considerable.thx
    Ted i work shifts so following the c diet will be difficult but do-able, if i can just sort brakfast out i can get thru, Ted are oats ok with skimmed milk and can i have a decent bowl full hee hee, i am on my fifth day of the diet, taking bicarb in water, and using 3% hp to brush my teeth. i have some candida clear on order is this any good ted? thx again jeff wales uk, if any uk ca suferers can help with labels/brands would you pls comment

  16. Editor says:

    Hi Jeff, I wish you luck on your journey to be yeast free. Oats are fine but I would make them with water instead of milk at lactose can feed Candida. Not sure about Candida clear, whole herbs are better. Just hang in there and it will get easier as your body adjusts. 🙂

  17. jeffrey blackie says:

    Thanks Ted appreciate your input and knowledge immensely!. Ted is buckwheat pasta ok?. I am finding a little joy (eating wise) with tinned mackerel and tinned tuna, now i know nutritionalists have said avoid because of high mercury levels i believe, so i rang “Princes” this is one of the main brands in the uk and asked them straight, and the reply was in summary, “Our product meets food agency standards and is constantly checked for heavy metals”. So i have to believe them as fresh fish and the time factor are against me some of the time!. “John West” have not returned my call yet”
    thanks everyone 🙂 thx Ted !

  18. Shell says:

    Hi there, I’ve been on a Candida diet for a week & found breakfast difficult. Today I’ve bought some products to make cereal with: amaranth, puffed brown rice, chia bran, quinoa flakes, LSA (linseed, sunflower & almond) and psyllium husks. Is it ok to have this 5 days a week with skim milk? Also, is manuka honey ok at the start of a strict diet or should I wait a while to include it? Thanks so much for your site!

  19. Editor says:

    Hi Shell, That sounds fine but you could also eat oatmeal and organic eggs as well to switch it up. I would avoid even manuka honey for the first 60 days, despite it’s antifungal properties it still is basically sugar. A few drops of stevia in your cereal would be better if you want it to taste sweet.

  20. Shell says:

    Thanks for such a speedy response. I keep starting this diet but seem to be eating the wrong things so have to start again. I live in Australia. Is oatmeal the same as our porridge which consists of rolled oats? I will lay off then manuka for 60 days 🙁

  21. Editor says:

    No Problem, yes oatmeal is the same as porridge, but I recommend steel cut oats as they digest more slowly.

  22. Lorri says:

    Hi, I just wondered if you know if die off symptoms could show as a sore throat? Both times when I have started the candida diet (fell of the wagon the first time so back to square one) within a few days I seem to have caught tonsilitus and have a very sore throat. Could this be die off or do you think it’s just a strange coincidence? I felt much better when on the candida diet but unfortunately after a few months went back to old habits so am trying again.
    Great website by the way 🙂

  23. Editor says:

    Hi Lorri, Thank you 🙂 It could be, hopefully it will clear up in a couple of days. It could be the result of the microflora content of your mouth changing. Hang in there and let us know how you do.

  24. Gabi says:

    Hi, I have two questions as I embark upon my Candida diet journey. Thank you for your wonderful website by the way, I am becoming educated on a great deal of things this week with your help! First, do you strongly advise peeling cucumbers before putting into salad? Second, what are the guidelines for determining the yeast content of bottled spices? Spices like turmeric are praised as yeast-fighting but the only turmeric I can find is boxed. Ditto for coriander powder, cumin powder, curry powder, garam masala, etc. I eat lots of Indian food so I would appreciate some guidelines for the bottled/boxed spices. Thank you! ^^

  25. Amanda Brown says:

    HELP! I’m only 89 pounds and I have intestinal and vaginal yeast bad. It probably in my bloodstream because all my joints/muscles hurt and are swollen, my chest hurts, and I’m having hot and cold flashes as well as my veins are shrinking and then swelling (this hurts very much) I just wanna kill someone! What can I eat that won’t make more yeast!? Please help! I’m scared I’m going to die!

  26. Editor says:

    Hi Gabi, You’re welcome. Yes you should peel to prevent the consumption of yeast that might be on them. Just choose good quality spices and you should be fine. 🙂

  27. Editor says:

    Hi Amanda, You’re in luck as I’ve put together this huge website to help you.. Follow one of the programs I recommend and I think you should get yourself to a doctor as it sounds like your symptoms are quite severe.

  28. Amanda Brown says:

    Question. How can I use the eliminate candida diet without losing weight?

  29. Editor says:

    Amanda, you have to eat enough calories.. there are plenty of foods that are allowed that can accomplish this, Start with my lentil curry recipe. In fact, it sounds like you need to be eating even more calories to put on some weight. 🙂

  30. Moonie says:

    Is it safe to drink Herbalife In candida ? I’m worry about the sugar it contain.
    Ingredients which contain fructose, dextrose total sugar per tablespoon= 3.25g .

  31. Editor says:

    Hi Moonie, I think you answered your own question. The sugar doesn’t make it a good fit, sorry.

  32. Jeff says:

    I have determined based on all the symtoms and my medical history that candida is a possibility. I have been on the Candida diet for about a week now. I have been following it strictly, but have yet to feel the effects of the “die off”. I also have been supplementing with lots of probiotics. If I have not felt this extreme die off should I assume I dont have candida? One more quick question i have had a recent consistent outbreak of seborrheic dermatitis. Is this skin condition (Malassezia) related to the possible overgrowth?
    Thanks so muchh your website is great!

  33. Editor says:

    Hi Jeff, Your skin condition is the result of a yeast, but it’s a different species than Candida, I would recommend some pure tea tree oil for that and also focus on dietary measures to strengthen the immune system. As for die off, I think that this varies in people. I think you should focus on whether or not the Candida diet is improving your overall health and well being as the evidence for your need of it or the effectiveness of it. All the best with your quest to be healthy!

  34. Jeff says:

    Thanks so much! So I bought the tea tree oil. Do you recommend anything else for the seborrheic dermatitis? Supplements, etc.?

  35. Editor says:

    I’m not a dermatologist, but I would imagine supplements that have anti-fungal properties would be the best. Tea tree oil is about as potent as you can get though. 🙂

  36. jeff b says:

    Hi Ted, Hi everyone, just coming up to my third week on the diet and finding it a lot more managable. Wow, what a formidable opponent this c.a is, its trying everything in its arsenal to get me to relapse then i believe i had my first die-off symptoms today after a little slump back into fatigue and aching muscles. After getting up from the dentists chair i suddenly felt strange, with what i believe was brain fog, dizziness to the point of nearly passing out and generally feeling unwell.However six or seven hrs later i feel a little better, with just a slight headache and a woozy almost drunk feeling, but i do feel i am turning the corner and my sugar craving has reduced considerably!! 🙂
    keep going everyone and like Ted says “it does get easier”:-)

    thanks for your site ted
    cheers jeff

  37. Alison says:

    Thank you so much for this site. It seems to be the most trustworthy one I have found. Ones that don’t have a number one goal of selling something are few and far between. I have been frustrated for so long with various health issues. The worst of which are chronic lingering yeast the incessant need for water- 6-10+ liters a day, depending on how well rested I am. Do you have any reason to believe yeast overgrowth could cause this? I saw information about how yeast can affect the immune system. Could it have something to do with that?

    I would also like to put it out there that taking TETRACYCLINE (an antibiotic to treat acne) daily for 4 years, IS WHAT CAUSED MY YEAST ISSUES. I have had consistent lingering yeast for the last 5 years, ever since I stopped. I haven’t posted that in enough places. I URGE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD TO NOT TAKE ANTIBIOTICS LONG TERM. IT WILL MESS YOU UP! And I use Exposed Skin Care for acne now. It can be ordered online. Expensive, but the best I have found.

  38. Editor says:

    Hi Alison, Thanks so much for the compliments and I would agree with you 100% about the use of long term antibiotics. Not sure about the water issue but have you been tested for diabetes? That is a symptom of blood sugar issues. As for the ongoing yeast, I think you would greatly benefit from a candida eliminating diet. All the best and keep us posted. 🙂

  39. Lindsey says:

    Well, where to start. After about a year of not feeling like myself (chronic post nasal drip/sinusitis, years of chronic vaginal yeast, tinnitus, dizziness, random bouts of nausea, anxiety, etc.), I decided to see a naturopath. Going in, I felt like I had a candida problem. He agreed with me and started me on a diet/supplement program. He also kind of pushed my hypothyroidism to the side and said we’d deal with it later. I left a bit confused, as I know that thyroid issues can cause a lot of over-lapping symptoms with candida… but I digress.

    Anyway I started the diet about 2.5ish weeks ago. It has mostly consisted of eggs, veggies, meat/fish, brown/wild rice, almonds, some almond butter, some low-sugar berries here and there, brown rice cakes, brown rice vermicelli (a few times), whole grain crackers (no gluten/wheat), gluten-free rolled oats, goat cheese, and quite a bit of homemade hummus. I’m also taking vit c, vit a, zinc, milk thistle, and a really good probiotic. I felt good for the first 5-6 days and I’ve been bloated EVERY DAY since then. I also noticed the bloating started when I started taking psyllium husks for fibre. I am drinking TONS of water, too. The psyllium actually made me a big constipated so I stopped it the last few days. I’m wondering if the bloating is caused by die-off at all? Or maybe it’s the hummus which I’ve been having lots of. I know it can be a symptom but I feel my diet has been so yummy and satisfying that I just can’t imagine having die-off! I think I’m in denial!! He instructed me to do the diet for two weeks before starting the anti-fungal supplements. Yesterday I started garlic and today I’m going to start taking the goldenseal.

    I guess I’m just looking for re-assurance that I’m doing the right things. Sometimes I just break right down (like yesterday, I had a decaf latte and I really feel like I paid for it – I felt sluggish initially, and about 6 hours later I was nauseated. I just don’t think I can handle the milk/coffee combo right now). Is it normal to be bloated for a week and a half? I just can’t seem to beat it no matter how much water or digestive tea I drink.

    Thanks in advance for reading.

  40. Editor says:

    Hi Lindsay, It sounds like to me your problem is the psyllium fiber.. Many people have problem digesting that and I don’t recommend it. If you want a coffee it would be better to have a black coffee with some cream. Cream has less sugar. I would also have a look at what’s in your probiotic. Some include bacteria that don’t naturally occur in the human gut. This also causes problems for some. Hang in there and I think you’ll feel better when you get your diet adjusted correctly. 🙂

  41. megan says:

    Hi, i have recently started this diet. Is there any smoothie recipies that would be acceptable for this diet? I was thinking greek yogurt, cinnamon, a few blueberries, stevia, maybe a protien drink added? any other ingrediants you suggest? this would be great for me to have in the morning.

  42. Lindsey says:

    Thanks so much for the timely response. I agree on the psyllium. I never thought about it as being hard to digest and you make a really good point! I’m just going to avoid it for now and rely strictly on dietary fibre (which I seem to be getting enough with all the veggies). I won’t go near coffee again until I have this candida under control. I’ve learned my lesson on that one! haha! 🙂

  43. TINA says:


  44. mati says:

    Hi. Just out of curiousity as I am trying my best to follow the candida diet: What is the problem with smoked food?? I miss my smoked herring from the local smokery :o)
    And another question regarding yeast: Anyone baking will know that the yeast dies if it gets more than luke warm – som why is bread baked with yeast a problem? Can the yeast still cause problems when it has been baked and, supposedly, “killed”??

  45. Editor says:

    Hi Megan, Some spirulina and and lemon juice, and oatmeal added would be good. 🙂

  46. Editor says:

    Hi Mati, Some smoked meat is probably fine and as for the baker’s yeast I wrote an article to address that issue.

  47. mati says:

    Thank you so much for your quick and helpful replies!

  48. Debi says:

    Just starting out. I drink a tea blend of fennel & ajwan seeds. Is this acceptable?

  49. ELIZABETH says:

    I have just started the diet after a year of persistent yeast infections.. doctors can’t help.. very there anyone who has found the candida diet to be the cure?? im desperate and have tried everything. Is whole wheat or multigrain bread ok?..

  50. Editor says:

    Hi Elizabeth, There have been 1000’s of people helped by following a candida diet and I have some success stories published here as well as the info about the bread. Search the site and you’ll find a great deal of information. The easiest route to take is to purchase a pre-made program that outlines everything for you. Takes a lot of the time and guess work out of the process. I’ve briefly reviewed the most popular programs here. All the best and I wish you good health!

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