Candida Diet Foods List: Yeast Infection Foods

The Western Diet is full of sugary and acidic foods so it’s no wonder so many people are suffering from Candida.

You could get really picky here but a Candida Diet Foods list can’t possibly cover all foods out there.

However, a rule of thumb would be to avoid sugary and acidic foods.

Candida Diet Foods Not to Eat

The below list includes Candida Diet Foods that should be eliminated or greatly reduced. Almost all processed foods should be avoided because they usually are full of sugar, refined carbs, and preservatives.


  • Aged cheeses
  • Alcohol (Including beer, wine, spirits, and liqueurs)
  • Chocolate
  • High sugar dried and fresh fruits
  • Fermented foods
  • Mushrooms
  • Vinegar
  • Glutenous foods (wheat, rye, barley) including pasta
  • All sugars, honeys and syrups (that includes any ‘ose’, like lactose, sucrose etc)
  • Foods that contain yeast or mold
  • Sweetened yogurt
  • Sweetened Coffee, fruit teas, and soft drinks
  • Condiments that contain sugar and vinegar (ketchup, pickles, steak sauce etc.)
  • Vegetables like beetroot, canned tomatoes, carrots, cucumber skins, potato skins
  • Meats that come from animals fed antibiotics and hormones
  • Processed frozen dinners and quick meals
  • White Rice
  • Artificial Sweeteners– Sucralose, aspartame, Ace-K, sugar alcohols, saccharine
  • Milk

Candida Foods That Help Eliminate Yeast Infections

This Candida diet foods list can help slow or inhibit candida growth. Also, yeast infection foods that strengthen the immune system and promote healthy bacterial growth are generally recommended because overgrowth occurs often after immune systems are compromised and after runs of antibiotics.

It’s helpful to take a good Candida Diet Foods list with you to the grocery store so that you can make wise choices when shopping. Candida Diet foods don’t have to be bland and boring, but there are a lot of great foods to choose from and recipes to try. These Candida Diet Foods help eliminate Candida albicans from your body.

By incorporating these immune strengthening items from this Candida diet foods list into your diet and eliminating the Candida Diet foods that feed yeast infections, you can be well on your way to being yeast infection free for good by following a healhy Candida diet full of health promoting foods that are good for your body.

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408 comments on “Candida Diet Foods List: Yeast Infection Foods
  1. admin says:

    Hi Bernie, Thanks and I’m so glad you found my site. I’ve probably answered most of your questions throughout my site. Start on the homepage as I tried to outline the most important articles there. Next visit the page

    Some canned products are fine, like black beans.. Just look for organic, no suger or salt added ones. Look for tuna that has been checked for mercury.

    Also, I recommend Linda Allen’s program because it takes you through step by step and she offers 1 on 1 email support.

    I wish you all the best and keep in touch. 🙂

  2. Bernie says:

    I have been reading this site for 4 hours today and 3 last night. So many different topics and questions and trying to read all replies. I haven’t come across anything about avoiding swimming or sex. Where is that answered? Also I am starting Linda’s program now. Thank you. Can you fill me in on the swimming in a pool and or sea and sex please. One more thing Stevia is ok in a cup of coffee every once in awhile right? But is there ANY type of cream type milk like a soy or something? Thank you again!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Bernie, Yes there is a lot to go over. 🙂 Swimming I think depends on the water source. I had a friend who would always get a yeast infection when swimming in a particular lake but in the chlorinated pool or ocean, she was fine. Just try not to sit around in a wet bathing suit or find one that dries quickly. As for sex I had written some guidelines here. (#3) and I wrote about milk alternatives here. this will help you choose the right one. 🙂

  4. Gina says:

    I have been suffering with a very severe candida problem for over 20 yrs. It has affected me both physically and mentally (to learn about yeast related mental illness, read, “The Yeast Syndrome” by Dr. Trowbridge.) All the things on your “Do not eat” list are those that affect me. Except for glutenous grains. I have never had a problem with those. But what I want to comment on is that you say the safe foods get rid of candida. Although they do not feed candida, no foods get rid of the candida from your body. I was also surprised to see honey on the list of safe foods. Last, people should NEVER purchased yogurt that is made from a plant like (soy or coconut). Only yogurt fermented with lactose, which is only available in animal milk, will help you. The probiotic strains made by non-milk products are too weak. Also, not everyone with candida can tolerate yogurt. But most can tolerate Kefir if it is made from goat’s milk and it’s unsweetened. They sell this at Whole Foods.

  5. Gina says:

    I think your list of foods to avoid is right on the mark. I have a problem with every single one of those foods. I also have a problem with all kinds of potatoes, except red skins. I read in The Body Ecology Diet that red skins were okay for people with candida to eat and after trying them I found (to my amazement) that they did not feed my yeast.

    I really like this site. You are helping so many people. Including me. I have had a severe candida problem for over 20 years (long story). However, I find that if I follow a healthy diet ~ consisting of whole natural plant foods, organic animal protein and fish, organic eggs, and small amounts of dairy products made from goat milk (like butter and kefir) and I ONLY eat desserts sweetened with Stevia and free of white flour,~I feel absolutely fine both mentally and physically. In addition to that I take a few nutritional supplements ( 3 ) and a probiotic called, Primal Defense Ultra, which I believe is the best probiotic on the market. Anyway, your site is inspiring me to stick to my diet and I’m getting some great recipes too. Thank you and may God bless all the work you’re doing to help others heal.

  6. hampton says:


    Are peas allowed on the candida diet? What are the nutritional supplements that you would recommend?

    Thank you!

  7. angela bricks says:

    The only thing I’m a tad confused about is vinagar because I’ve been reading on the internet that Apple cidar vinagar could help kill yeast and help acidity although when I first read it I was confused a little because the acv itself is very acidic but every website I looked up said the same so I assumed it to be true until I looked up the candida diet and says no vinagar. Can me with this because I’ve been dealing with a multitude of symptoms like pain,hair loss, brain fog and many other things that my doctors can’t figure out and I think they think it’s in my head but it’s very real and a few days ago I craved vinagar and drank a table spoon by chance bc when I was a child I used to do it but 20 minutes later done of my symptoms were noticeably relieved like some swelling in my feet and swollen painful lympyh nodes went down, pain eased, and fatigue gone, so I googled it and low and behold all these great things from drinking Apple cidar vinagar. And i thought to myself could this be a severe yeast infection bc 2 yrs ago right before giving birth to my 4th & last child they said I had a year infection but I didn’t have itching and I had suffered with them my whole life so I was surprised it didn’t itch and group b strep and I only got antibiotics once and they never checked again and I never thought about it till recently bc I never imagined a yeast infection could be so horrendous with these Aweful symptoms.

  8. Alice says:


    I’ve been on the candida diet for almost 4 weeks now but have found conflicting info on a few things. What is your opinion on including/excluding raw cacao and nutritional yeast in phase I and why? Also, when would you recommend reintroducing new foods? When the ‘spit test’ is negative? I have mercury fillings (don’t know who would remove them or the money to) and I was reading that I may always have candida overgrowth in my mouth for that reason so I’m not sure how to check my symptoms :/

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