Breastfeeding and the Candida Eliminating Diet

breastfeeding-candida“I have been struggling with Candida on and off for over a year now and am so ready to kick it’s butt! However, I cant take much of the supplements because I’m breastfeeding. Is there chance of success when the diet alone is used to get rid of Candida?”

I really think diet is about 95% of the battle when fighting Candida overgrowth. The Candida diet is the basis for success and the herbs just help ensure it’s success and perhaps help forgive slip ups. However, I think they can be left out.

So, yes follow the Candida diet and I think you’ll be successful and will have a healthy baby as well because of the healthy, whole food nature of the diet plan. Eat plain greek yogurt for probiotics and use coconut oil in your cooking which is a natural anti-fungal. Both of these are safe for breastfeeding. Also,  Linda Allen (YINM) has years of experience and offers 3 months of email counseling with her popular program, so if you haven’t chosen a Candida diet plan, I would recommend that one as she will be able to give you special guidance regarding breastfeeding while on the Candida diet.

All the best and I wish you health and a happy baby.

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