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Sinfully Delicious Ways to Serve Bell Peppers on a Candida Diet

bell peppers

It seems as though no matter where we turn, we are eating something which is supposed to be healthy yet doing our bodies more harm than good. Even foods listed as ‘healthy’ by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are

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Why Every Personal Trainer Should Be Familiar with Candida Albicans

personal trainers and Candida

You’ve chosen a career as a personal trainer because you believe that everyone can improve their health with proper exercise and motivation. Some of your clients want to build mass while others want to slim down. Some of your clients

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Looking Stylish with your Braces


One of the most dreaded words for children and teenagers is braces! Every visit to the dentist is nerve-racking because of the fear of being forced to wear braces. While it is true that braces are noticeable, these are in

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Balancing Your Health with the Right Diet

healthy diets

If your doctor has told you that your health is out of whack and has suggested that you change your diet, you might end up staying at the drawing board for a while. Should you go on the paleo diet,

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Easy Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Grocery Budget


If it feels like you are getting fewer and fewer items into your shopping trolley each visit before your allowance has been used, then you aren’t alone. More and more shoppers are finding it hard to stretch their dollar far

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