5 Great Candida Fighting Herbs

candida-fighting-herbsOften the first place most people turn to when faced with a yeast infection is the medicine cabinet or the pharmacy.

This medicine can have some not so pleasant side effects and often doesn’t solve underlying problems that caused the Candidiasis in the first place.

There are five  herbs that can be incorporated into the diet that can help you say good bye to yeast infections forever. What’s even better, these herbs aren’t from some secret, rare plant in the deep parts of the rain forest, but they are easily attainable from any natural food store or supplement company.

1. Cayenne Pepper

These spicy little dynamos have amazing immune strengthening and antimicrobial properties.  You can place 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water and drink twice a day. Also, fresh cayenne’s can be put in your favorite recipes. If you don’t like the spice, you can buy cayenne capsules and drink a glass of water after swallowing them.

2. Garlic

Garlic has so many amazing health properties including anti-microbial. You can take the extract a 3 to 4 times a day and don’t forget to use fresh garlic in your cooking. If your worried about smelling like garlic, you can easily find odorless varieties.

3. Coconut Oil

The health benefits of coconut oil are being understood more everyday and coconut oil has shown Candida fighting properties. Use it in you cooking or take 3 to 5 tablespoons a day.

4. Oregano Oil

Just one drop a day needs to be incorporated into your diet to see the yeast fighting properties.

5. Olive Leaf

I’ve already wrote an article talking about this amazing herb so read more about the olive leaf here. You can start by taking 21 capsules and then followed by 9 capsules daily. Once the Candida infection clears up, you can take a few capsules a day as a preventative. Make sure the supplement is made from whole dried leaves.

These five easily found herbs can help you be free from yeast infections along with the dietary recommendations found of this site.

Note that when these remedies are taken in high doses the user can experience Candida die off symptoms which can be uncomfortable. It’s better to start taking these herbs in small doses and work your way up to the full dose gradually with the exception of the olive leaf supplement.


Source: NaturalNews.com

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