3 Candida Diets Compared

candida diets comparedIf you have spent anytime online researching Candida diet plans you no doubt have discovered that there are many ebook Candida diet plans available online that promise to rid you of your Candida overgrowth for good.

Some people shy away from ebooks, but I think they are worthwhile to people that don’t have days to spend researching Candida and Candida albicans diet plans. These programs put all the information together for you so all that you have to focus on is getting well.

The Candida Diet Plans do work, but require effort on the user’s part and adherence to the program. I used to be leery of these products as well, but last year when I was suffering with a Kidney Stone that the doctors said was too big to pass and that surgery would be required, I decided to try a kidney stone  remedy ebook. It cost me about 20 dollars, but I did what it told me and I repeated the treatment several times.

A few weeks before my scheduled surgery, I was able to pass the stone! Well worth the money I spent on the ebook believe you me.

There are some crazy candida products and Candida diet plans out there and some I’ve looked at are pretty unrealistic and quite honestly a gimmick. However there are some good Candida diet plans out there and well worth the price. Here are 3 of the good candida diet plans and how they compare with each other.

3 Popular Candida Diet Plans

Yeast Infection No More Candida Albicans Cure How to Cure Candida
Main Focus Diet, detox, emotional, and physical aspects. Internal and external Candidiasis Diet and Detox Diet and Detox External and external infections
Supplements/herbs recommended? yes ? yes
Includes Cookbook? recipes included no no
Days to cure 12 hours for relief, 2 months for cure no claims 30 minutes for external, 15 days to 50% relief internal
Bonuses 6, Including 3 month email counseling with the author 3 9
Money back Guarantee? yes, 2 months yes, 60 days yes, 56 days
Price $39.97USD $39.95USD $39.97 USD
Personal testimonials? yes, first & last names and locationsTry Yeast Infection No more yes, but somewhat ambiguousTry Candida Albicans Cure yes, testimonies are includedTry How To Cure Candida


Despite which one of the candida diet plans you choose, you no doubt will receive a lot of valuable information regarding yeast infections and about curing systemic Candidiasis. Of the the three above Candida diet plans, the one that I would recommend the most is Yeast Infection No More, It seems like it has the most to offer and the best value for money.

The information isn’t full of all of these “mysterious or ambiguous statements”.  Also the personal counseling the user gets from the author, Linda Allen, and her staff would be really helpful. Advice from Natureopaths can cost 100’s of dollars. Regardless, $40 dollars is a small price to pay to end the prescription meds, the over the counter treatments and trips to the doctor, not to mention the lack of productivity that can result from systemic Candida overgrowth.

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