10 Foods to Never Eat on a Candida Eliminating Diet and Why

foods-to-avoid-on-a-candida-dietAn effective Candida diet is a process by which Candida albicans cells are cleansed from the body.

You’ll never cleanse them if you keep feeding them.

While there some “grey area foods” that many debate on whether or not they cause yeast infections, there are some foods that never should be eaten.

These foods will always railroad your efforts to eliminate Candida overgrowth.

1. Refined Sugar

Nothing feeds yeast like refined sugars. They are absorbed quickly by the body and feed hungry yeast cells.

If you don’t give these up, yeast infection relief will be out of your grasp.

2. Refined Wheat Flour

While there’s some debate on the gluten issue, everyone agrees that products with white, refined flour are a no no.

Your saliva begins breaking these carbs down to sugars quickly and they spike your blood sugar levels.

3. Soda (Soft Drinks)

Besides the sugars or even the artificial sweeteners, soft drinks are full of acid, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Get them out of your house if you want to cleanse Candida.

4. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice has as much sugar as a soda and quickly spikes blood sugar levels.

Just because it’s from fruit, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

5. Refined White Rice

This rice has been striped of it’s fiber and nutrition and all that’s left are carbs.

White rice’s carbs quickly are converted to simple sugars by the body.

6. Plain Milk

Milk is full of the sugar lactose, furthermore, many have some degree of lactose intolerance.

The sugar in milk, along with the hormones in milk make it not a good option.

7.Beer, Wine, and Liquors

These beverages are full of sugars and carbs. Not only do they feed Candida yeast, but they stress the liver.

The liver can’t deal with the toxins created by Candida die off if it’s too busy processing alcohol.

8. Honey

For some reason many think honey is a “safe sugar”.

Except for manuka honey, the evidence doesn’t support the notion that honey keeps its antimicrobial properties after harvest.

9. Processed Foods

This includes many frozen meals, powdered dry meals, soups, and crackers.

If there’s more than five or so ingredients, stay away.

10. Cakes and Pastries

I have yet to see a recipe for a truly safe cakes or pastries.

Even if they are sweetened with stevia and made with non-glutenous flour, they are still loaded with carbs and will feed Candida yeast cells.

Final Thoughts

Avoiding the above 10 foods will put you well on your way to being yeast infection free and are the basic forbidden foods on any good Candida diet meal plan.

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6 comments on “10 Foods to Never Eat on a Candida Eliminating Diet and Why
  1. gordy says:

    just what are you to eat then, i guess you must become a cow and eat just grass, it is impossible to avoid these foods now days, unless i go into the amazon jungle and live with a tribe of indians.

  2. admin says:

    It is entirely possible to eat healthy. Humans survived for a million years before all the junk was available to us like it is now. 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    I have read a great deal on this stuff the last few days. And while this statement may seem harsh, it is not meant to be.

    Given what we can and cannot eat, I am begining to believe that suffering with candida may be a better option!!

    If you examine a “healthy” diet. Requiring complete protein. One requiring calcium, zinc, iron, etc. Add to it antioxidants found in fruit. Add to it the various omega 3 fats. Add to it the 5 to 10 other essential nutrients/chemicals/enzymes etc. that our body needs. Sure, we can reduce if not get rid of candida, then we have to spend the next chunk of time repairing our body from denying it all the stuff above!!!

    Add to it, some of the exotic food that is listed on some site. I do not know where everyone else shops, but my grocery store must be so behind the times!!!! As not to mention some stuff scares me more than the candida. No one is more health conscious than I. I eat only basic food. Then I come to discover that all this basic food is not good!!!! Quinoa was believed to be a miracle food. Now I am told NO. Turmeric was a miracle spice, now I am told NO.

    Does anyone know of a diet that a normal human being can be on?

  4. Ted says:

    Geesh which site told you turmeric and Quinoa were bad.. Yes some are way over the top and exaggerated. Have you looked at the diets I have listed here?

  5. Tiffany Smith says:

    a great list of what you can eat. Fresh veggies and protein! It’s hard because the yeast will crave comfort food, remember when you crave it that its the yeast talking!!

  6. lium says:

    Yuo must eat just bio., eco., food?